onsdag 21 maj 2014

Questions for the written individual task

I think Doctor Merrick started the facility because he wanted power. He wanted to control the world. He probably didn’t have a very happy life and he wanted to get rich. A lot of people will do anything for money, but there is a limit in my opinion. The insuranse policies trick all the people that are stuck at the facility and say that they are chosen. There is a lot of action in the movie, especially closer to the end. The staff say that everybody outside the facility are sick from the contamination. But later on it turns out they’ve been lying. Everyday there is someone that wins the lottery. Those who win the lottery end up dying. When their clone needs an organ (or something else) they kill them and tell everybody else at the facility that they’ve won the lottery and are going to The Island. I think the movie is about never giving up. The message for me is to not just be one in the crowd. The fact that the man in a movie is always the smarter one is pretty annoying. Lincoln Six Echo is the one that figures it all out. While Jordan Two Delta is his companion. She doesn’t help very much. I would like to see a movie where the girl is the main character. The fact that the movie contains violence just makes me feel like it’s an American movie. Because they usually have a lot of violence. So it doesn’t change the message of the movie to me. When Jordan says ”The Island is real. It’s us.” She means that she is in paradise already and she doesn’t need ”The Island.” She was probably (I don’t remember but I’m guessing) saying it in a romantic way to Lincoln. In that moment she didn’t care if there is a paradise/ heaven after life or in life. She just wanted to be with him and that was all she cared about. 

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